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Learn what to place and how to enhance your home for money, health and relationships  based on its 24 Mountains. Finally end the confusion of whether or not you're doing it right!

Separate the 'fast food feng shui' from the way it was  meant  to be practised so you can FINALLY see results  without  spending hundreds - even thousands - on 'feng shui lucky items'!
THIS info alone is worth the price of admission! Where EXACTLY can you place water feature in your home to help you activate for money? I helped people end the confusion to this once and for all so they activate their financial luck in 2016. Now I can help you do it for 2017! You game?
I'll be guiding you on placements for all 9 directions specific to your home
Get to know the REAL pertinent information about your home. 
What's the difference between MY annual event with the hundreds of new year feng shui articles out there? Here are screenshots the workbook ( which is included as part of your purchase of Feng Shui 2017 replay ). These are just a tip of what I covered in the 2.5-recording to give you a good idea on the amount of information you will have access to.
Your UNLIMITED replay access will also include:

2017 Feng Shui and Astrology Calendar  
( Downloadable PDF )

2017 Year of Fire Rooster Workbook  
( Downloadable PDF )

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Safrina Kadri helps her clients achieve peak prosperity flow in their home and office so they can make more money, attract the right relationships into their lives and live the vibrant and joyful life that they deserve. She is classically-trained feng shui consultant and is a 5th-generation disciple of the Tan Yan Wu School of Feng Shui.

Having completed the Master Programme for Xuan Kong Feng Shui, Master Programme for Bazi, Master Programme for Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection as well as Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui. She has spent the last 8 years serving residential, retail and corporate clients practice TRUE feng shui - the way it was practiced in olden China. NOT the 'fast food feng shui' that is so dominant in the media nowadays.

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I've learned so much from Safrina during the last two years. I loved fast food feng shui even tho it was hit and miss, mostly miss! I also love the look of fast food FS stuff. I has two three legged toads, numerous tasseled coins and round faceted crystals!! None of it really works actually. Now I've learned how to do real placements and still enjoy my "stuff". The main thing is I don't fret about the changes flying star FS brings anymore. I do my placements and I'm done. To me it's physics!! I'm so glad I found Safrina, she has definitely bettered my life in so many different ways.
- Ellen Wheeler, USA
Let me tell you, everything you think you know goes out the window. (Safrina) gives so much information that honestly it's a steal for the price you get. That's how well she has learned her craft and how well she teaches and makes sure you understand why.
- Gloria Prahl, USA

I have been studying feng shui for 8 years now but only have seen the benefits in the last year... I have been practicing fast food feng shui and... had to buy this really expensive Chinese figures to fix my problems. I knew that feng shui worked but wasn’t seeing the results... until I stumbled across Safrina Kadri. Once we implanted the changes... the energy started shifting and life got lighter and happier... we’re no longer experiencing the unlucky moments.

Safrina is great to work with and really gives you your monies worth. I am still taking her courses and signing up for her webinars because there is always something to learn or make life better.

Laura Limotta, Toronto Canada

As a client that's had some incredible results with Safrina's help, I'm surprised that a practitioner with her talents and understanding of the real art of feng shui even offers something like this annual webinar!  Safrina is very generous with her time and knowledge; so you always get so much more than you're expecting in all of her courses and webinars.  All I can say is don't miss this one, I can absolutely guarantee you will be amazed at what's in it; and what
you learn from it!
- Debbie Chaffee, USA

I'm not sure what this "Period" and "24 Mountain" means. How do I make sure I can properly absorb what you teach?
Not a problem! After you register, you will receive an email with guidelines on how to determine the facing of your home, as well as how to take a compass reading. This pre-event 'homework' will get you ready for the event. 

Also, get ready to be introduced to the world of REAL, PURE feng shui!
All of these online articles are very general. I on the other hand will be going over each of the Flying Stars and how it influences your home based on your period ( Period 7 or Period 8 ) as well as which 24 Mountains ( compass reading ) you are facing. In other words, those online articles are like you going to see a family doctor for your illness. My online event will be the specialist doctor that you need. 
There are annual Flying Star Feng Shui update information readily-available online, why should I join your online event?
Once your payment is processed, you will be sent a confirmation email with a link to a resource page that will have your video replay recording, the workbook as well as calendar that you can save and print off for your use.

Please ensure that you have good internet connection to ensure a smooth experience for you.

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Your UNLIMITED replay access will also include:

2017 Feng Shui and Astrology Calendar ( Downloadable PDF )

2017 Year of Fire Rooster Workbook  ( Downloadable PDF )

Claim Your Seat     USD108